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Subject: DVD's Deleted Scenes (w/screen captures) (SPOILERS)Date: Sun 8-Aug-2004, 01:42:00

I managed to get some screen caps from the R3 DVD release of Dawn Of The Dead. I put a mini explaination under each photo. These are DVD Quality captures.

When ANA arrives at the Bus Transport and see's the two zombies tearing someone apart in the back of the bus, a shot of this nude women looking very dazed and confused.

Right after ANA and KEN meet up, they walk past a playground right before entering the small tunnel.

As they arrive at the back entrance of the mall, everyone gets a suprise as this crazy looking motherfucker comes running. He also brings some friends...

While in the store, they see the toliet sitting there, which ends up going through the window.

When MICHAEL shoots the mallet up through the zombie's neck into his head, extra brain matter was removed in the theatrical cut.

Two dipshits discussing the zombie outbreak while CJ watches in anger.

We actually get to see CJ waste the zombie janitor in the sports store.

Right after the "Down With The Sickness" montage, instead of cutting to the sniper shot of Jay Leno, CJ is reading a womens top 3 list to BART who is asleep. trust.

GLEN tells the uncomfortable BART and CJ the first time he knew he was

A quick shot of NORMA grabbing that hotties cigarette right as ANDRE leaves for LIDA.

The actual gunshots which hit NORMA as her and ANDRE battle it out.

A more realistic shot of the zombie baby right before getting done in.

MICHAEL and ANNA make out in the shuttle bus before the "food-ANDY meeting"

Alot more zombies during their run for the gun shop. More Zombies, and more headshots.

Awesome shot of a zombie's half-face after getting a shotgun blast by KEN.


CJ runs to the roof with a propane tank and chucks it over. He's aiming with ANDY's sniper rifle.


"How will we know if he shoots it?"

CJ exits the gunshop last, leaving right up to his exit from the truck and back onto the street. (Where the theatrical cut left you)


CJ gets another zombie right before blowing up another propane tank.

More gore is involved in the scene when the hottie gets sawed inhalf by GLEN. Blood splatters on KEN's face blinding him, causing the turn-over.

We get to see MICHAEL actually place the gun up to his throat...BANG!

Well, I can honestly say that after watching the film UNRATED it really standed out more. You learn alot more about the characters with extra dialouge and it just seems like a more complete more. GO PRE-ORDER the movie now!!!

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