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The largest and most diverse resource of living-dead related fiction available anywhere on the internet.
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1Living Dead
Life After: The Basement(Medium length story by Bryan Way, 7-Jun-13)
Eric & Mia think they've found the source of a Zombie outbreak, but their reality is far worse than they imagined.
5th in a series of 5 - Part 1,2,3,4
2Living Dead
Life After: Undeath Syndrome Surveillance and Diagnosis(Long story by Bryan Way, 7-Jun-13)
An attempt by the CDC to diagnose and analyze the conditions that cause Zombies.
4th in a series of 5 - Part 1,2,3,5
3Living Dead
Life After: The Cemetery Plot(Medium length story by Bryan Way, 17-Jul-12)
One man's obsession with cheaply burying his brother-in-law sees him get more than he bargained for.
3rd in a series of 5 - Part 1,2,4,5
4Living Dead
Life After: The Phoenix (Medium length story by Bryan Way, 15-Jan-09)
The story of a separated couple struggling to find the solution to their strife during an undead outbreak.
2nd in a series of 5 - Part 1,3,4,5
5Living Dead
Life After: A Deadly Secret(Members Only - Short story by Bryan Way, 2-Aug-06)
Two young people cross paths at the start of an outbreak, but one of them may not be what they seem.
1st in a series of 5 - Part 2,3,4,5
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