Submit Your Fiction
First of all, thank you for submitting your contribution! But before you submit a contribution please ensure you have carefully read the following:-
  1. Your contribution must be within the "Living Dead", "General Horror" or "Science Fiction" genres. Please state clearly what genre your contribution is being submitted for.
  2. A piece of fiction must be a self contained contribution. ie: We do not accept a story in parts.
  3. Please submit your contribution preferably in Word or RTF format. Flat text is permissible but only as a last resort.
  4. Ensure you have carefully read (& re-read) your contribution checking for spelling and grammatical errors. Note: Contributions which are poorly formatted or have too many spelling mistakes will be rejected.
  5. Please include the title of your contribution, your name and desired email address. Please also include a brief summary of your contribution using less that 100 characters. This summary should allow readers to gain a brief insight into the content/nature of your contribution while ideally not spoiling the plot for them.
  6. If you at a later date change your email address you should inform us and we will update your information accordingly. Failure to do this will mean comments will be sent to your old email address.
  7. On submitting a contribution, a member of staff ('Fiction Processor') will read it, and if it is deemed suitable, it will be posted in the Fiction Section. Note: This process can typically take 2-6 weeks so please be patient.
If you have read the above points, and now wish to submit a contribution, click the "Email Contribution" option below and attach your contribution to the email. (Again, be sure to include the title, your name and a summary of the contribution.)

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