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The largest and most diverse resource of living-dead related fiction available anywhere on the internet.
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81Living Dead
Culture Shock(Short story by Tony Sandy, 28-Apr-13)
The story follows a zombie, saved by science and the dedication of a good doctor, plus the results of neglecting such a relationship.
82Science Fiction
Almost Human(Short story by Tony Sandy, 28-Apr-13)
This story is about integration and the lengths some 'aliens' will go to, to fit into their new host planet.
83Living Dead
Romero's Children(Short story by Tony Sandy, 28-Apr-13)
This story is narrated by the survivor of an ancient race, who in turn helps the survivors of the human race when Earth is over run by zombies.
84Living Dead
Crossing(Members Only - Long story by Rich Restucci, 28-Apr-13)
Rick, Dallas, and a team of Navy SEALS traverse an infected United States to meet up with some scientists who just might have a vaccine for the plague.
6th in a series of 7 - Part 1,2,3,4,5,7
85Living Dead
Consumer Protection(Short story by Biswapriya Purkayastha, 28-Apr-13)
Zombie Kumaramangalam wasn't happy with the canned Gun Nut meat he'd bought...not at all.
86Living Dead
Jogodish and the Jombie(Short story by Biswapriya Purkayastha, 29-Mar-13)
Nobody was prepared when the Zombie Apocalypse struck Bunglistan. But the Jombie Apocalypse threatened to be worse.
87Living Dead
Last Flight Out(Short story by Colin M. Drysdale, 29-Mar-13)
One manís attempt to reach safety as the blood-thirsty infected close in around him.
88Living Dead
The First Day After(Short story by Daniel Lee, 29-Mar-13)
Coming back from a nightmarish war against monsters and zombies, a man discovers that breaking old habits is hard.
89General Horror
Why Gahaziel Gave Up Saging(Short story by Biswapriya Purkayastha, 29-Mar-13)
What happened when the ex-sage Gahaziel met a man with a knife, and fell down a hole to hell.
90Science Fiction
On the Result of the Inquiry into the Defeat at the Battle of Spatterloo(Short story by Biswapriya Purkayastha, 29-Mar-13)
Why was the mighty battle fleet destroyed by the unspeakable !ulrq? The inquiry finds the answer.
91Living Dead
Under The Bed(Short story by Josh Hilden, 27-Feb-13)
As the dead rise one little girl seeks refuge in a place most children fear to enter... under her bed.
92General Horror
Mermaid(Short story by Biswapriya Purkayastha, 27-Feb-13)
Pedro caught a mermaid - and that was where his problems started. And the mermaid wasn't what one expects when one hears the word.
93Living Dead
The Gas Station(Short story by Corbin Blakenheart, 27-Feb-13)
The right man for the job, being present when he is needed the most.
94Science Fiction
In the Sunshine Mine(Medium length story by Biswapriya Purkayastha, 27-Feb-13)
When sunshine is a commodity to be traded for profit, collecting a little for warming one's house is a crime.
95General Horror
Deepwinter(Short story by Biswapriya Purkayastha, 27-Feb-13)
Bekur went into the winter to die. But the Cannibal Spirit was waiting.
96Living Dead
A March To The Sea(Short story by Henry Naughton, 29-Jan-13)
A short story about hope in a dying city.
97Living Dead
Cessation(Short story by M.A. Kastle, 29-Jan-13)
It wasnít the zombie apocalypse. It was humanityís expiration date.
98General Horror
The Diary of Dan Cooper(Short story by Joseph Rubas, 14-Dec-12)
Skyjacker D.B. Cooper is pursued through the forests of the Pacific Northwest by something.
99General Horror
Rotting Erotica(Members Only - Short story by John Putignano, 14-Dec-12)
A man addicted to pornography is facing a crisis, the excitement is gone. When a local smut peddler shows him a grimoire called 'Rotting Erotica' he shrugs it off. Soon his curiosities get the best of him.
100General Horror
The Shut In(Medium length story by John Putignano, 14-Dec-12)
A man has agorophobia. When his friend leaves for a few days he is left with his mind and is tormented by the ghost of a little girl and a mysterious shadow man.
101Living Dead
The Henshaw Boys(Medium length story by Ben R. Busse, 25-Oct-12)
In the ashes of society, friendship and family-ties will only get you so far.
102Living Dead
Galatea's Child (revised)(Members Only - Long story by Brer, 2-Oct-12)
This story is a rework of original short that I submitted some time back but recently fleshed out into a novella of around 64k words - A servant is left in charge of a child as the world is overran with the walking dead.
103General Horror
In The Land Of The Dead(Short story by Biswapriya Purkayastha, 2-Oct-12)
This is not a zombie story. It isn't even a ghost story, not really. It's just a story of the dead.
104Living Dead
Mutagen(Short story by Jack Bantry, 2-Oct-12)
Zombie hysteria in a small town.
105Science Fiction
Congregation(Short story by Biswapriya Purkayastha, 2-Oct-12)
The young priest thought preaching to the robots was a good idea. It might not have been.
106Living Dead
Caught In A Bind(Long story by Ralph E. Powers, 1-Sep-12)
A survivor of a zombie plague wanders the countryside living day to day until he meets a woman and her young son.
107Living Dead
Escape From Baghdad(Long story by Luke Duffy, 1-Sep-12)
Rotting in Baghdad is not an option!
108General Horror
Hunting Heads(Short story by Biswapriya Purkayastha, 1-Sep-12)
The head-hunters had been successful in attack.Now if only they could get back home with their trophies...
109Science Fiction
The Dragon(Short story by Biswapriya Purkayastha, 17-Jul-12)
They had unleashed the Dragon on the world. Now Johnson had to get it back under control - if he could. A story of the not too distant future.
110General Horror
Walkers(Long story by L.C. Holt, 17-Jul-12)
Two college students attempt to squelch a subversive uprising caused by supernatural forces.
111Living Dead
Life After: The Cemetery Plot(Medium length story by Bryan Way, 17-Jul-12)
One man's obsession with cheaply burying his brother-in-law sees him get more than he bargained for.
3rd in a series of 5 - Part 1,2,4,5
112Living Dead
My Lost Love Full of Grace(Short story by Matthew Forte, 17-Jul-12)
A man struggling to survive in the day of the dead, reunites with beloved ex-girlfriend. Unfortunately the man's reunion with her is both tragic and heartbreaking.
113Living Dead
Why the Zombocalypse Failed(Short story by Biswapriya Purkayastha, 13-May-12)
This is a 'zombie' story without any zombies. If you want or expect stereotyped George Romero zombie stuff, don't read this.
114Science Fiction
Journey to the Centre of the Earth(Short story by Biswapriya Purkayastha, 13-May-12)
A trio of brave explorers take the Professor's machine down towards the Earth's core. But they may not be alone down there.
115Science Fiction
Beachhead(Short story by Biswapriya Purkayastha, 13-May-12)
A marine invasion force assaults an alien planet inhabited by Insectoids. Written as a direct response to Robert Heinlein's 'Starship Troopers'.
116Living Dead
Imogen(Short story by Matthew Forte, 12-Apr-12)
A bullied teenaged girl who believes suicide will bring her peace, discovers death may not be so peaceful.
117Science Fiction
Night Of The Trolls(Short story by Biswapriya Purkayastha, 12-Apr-12)
A man and a tyrannosaur, on a stormy night in an empty city - empty but for the trolls.
118General Horror
The Road to Nowhere(Short story by Biswapriya Purkayastha, 12-Apr-12)
It was long ago and far away, but what you did will still visit you in dreams.
119Living Dead
Pestilence(Short story by William Estes, 12-Apr-12)
A woman wakes up in a lab and discovers a dark experiment and something darker about herself.
120Science Fiction
Monday with Medusaceratops(Short story by Biswapriya Purkayastha, 12-Apr-12)
What happened the day a herd of horned dinosaurs mysteriously appeared in the town.
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