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The Drive
(© William Estes)

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The city of the future was built after years of disasters, plagues, and wars. Itís construction over the ruins of San Francisco was the first sign the world was returning to normal.

Everyone grew up believing the city was crime and corruption free, self-sufficient and self-reliant and capable of surviving any disaster. Called Ettron, it stood alone in the world. Ettron was protected by its lies.

The earthquake a few months ago shattered the illusion. Crime rose quickly and briefly. It was revealed that some of the cityís food came from areas outside of it. A new ruler for the city was chosen as well. They promised changes. A larger police force was the first order of business.

Lauren Sanchez graduated from the police academy.† Like all recruits she expected to spend her days arresting thieves and vandals. She figured she would graduate to detective one day, but murders and other violent crimes were few and far between. She was told to take a few days off before reporting to a precinct. She was told why, but glad she was given a chance to celebrate and rest.

Her phone rang, at 8:50, ten minutes before her alarm clock went off. She reached over for, but it slid off the nightstand onto the floor. Lauren stretched out and grabbed the phone.

She checked the number, but didnít recognize it. The ringing stopped. Lauren tried to dial them back. The call didnít go through. She sat up and pulled off her night shirt. Her phone rang again.

"Hello," she said.

"Miss Sanchez. I was told that you received high scores in all of your classes," said the woman on the other end.

"My instructors told me that I should expect a call like this just in case," said Lauren. She started to recognize the voice.

"I believe you might be the right person for the job," said the woman.

"What do I need to do?" asked Lauren.

"Get dressed and go downstairs. Thereís a car waiting for you," said the woman.

Lauren didnít need to hear anymore. Being called to work for the industries was a great opportunity. She dressed the best as she could. She covered her lean muscular body with a white shirt and a blue jacket and slacks. She wished she had a weapon just incase.

A black sedan sat on her side of the street as Lauren stepped outside. She was glad she didnít have to walk far. The driver stepped out.

"You can get in the passenger seat," he said.

Lauren sat down. The seatbelt adjusted for her height and weight.

"Itíll be a long ride. About twenty minutes do you want me to put on some music?" asked the man.

"Sure," she said. She knew not to ask any questions about her potential employer. She could get sued or end up in jail. "I like pop," she finally said.

He turned the station to one with happy sounding music. The car passed a wreck. An ambulance and a couple of police cars sat on either side of two cars. Lauren stared as she went pass. She thought she recognized one man outside of a car.

"Things hadnít changed much since it happened," said the driver. It was another day to him she guessed. He turned his head revealing tattoos that crept up his neck. Where his neck connected to his head she recognized it as a mark for the placement of a tracking chip.

"You have one?" she asked.

"A a tracker?" he asked. "It was part of my parole."

"Now you serve her?" asked Lauren. She wasnít concerned.

"I work for her," he said. He didnít need to say anything else. The tone of his voice told her what was going on. She kept quiet as the car drove up to a large mansion.

It sat on a large hill in the middle of the region of the city called the Estates. Lauren stared at the dozens of mansions that lined the nearby hills. She wondered how many people still lived in them.

Lauren sat as the driver exited the car. He talked with a couple of security guards. He walked back and opened the passenger door so she could get out. She stepped out just as the front door of the mansion opened. Lauren recognized the woman that walked out.

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