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Valley of Death, Zombie Trailer Park
(© William Bebb)

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This tale is dedicated to all my friends and enemies that made me what I am today; with a special thanks to my ex-wife, who taught me the true meaning of horror.

This novel is a Hands on Productions & Publications, copyright 2010. All rights reserved. Any distribution of this novel without the expressed written permission of the author is illegal and subject to U.S. and International laws. This novel is purely a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents described are solely the result of the author's overactive imagination or are used fictitiously. Any similarities to actual real companies, products, events or people; living, dead, or undead is a coincidence. ISBN 978-1-4524-3009-6

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Hi. As I rewrite this introduction it's the 16th day of September 2013. Valley of Death, Zombie Trailer Park was my first attempt at trying to transfer the many disturbing thoughts from the hunk of meat stewing inside my skull into something resembling a novel. While it has met with a great deal of success, many readers have quite rightly poked their accusatory fingers at numerous grammatical problems contained herein- principally commas placed in weird locations or missing entirely where they should be.


I'll level with you good people. I sucked in English Class, both in High School and later at college. (Yes, I am a product of America's higher edukashun system)

If someone pointed a loaded gun at me today and demanded to know the definition of a dangling participle I'd probably just point at their crotch and laugh maniacally.

My masochistic tendencies are the principle reason I'm revising this story. Also, it is my cunning plan to find and correct some, but most likely nowhere near all, of the offending commas and other odd bits of grammar herein.

But, if you are one of those people who get easily offended and go out to kick their dog to vent their frustration caused by reading odd bits of grammar and comma placement I would strongly suggest you go find another story to read. I can't tell you people how much sleep I've lost over the last couple of years after learning how my many grammatical goofs have ruined marriages and forced others to commit suicide.

To those people, their families, and their abused pets all I can do is pray for forgiveness and understanding.

I've also gotten numerous emails and reviews from people who believe this story crosses many lines of decency. There are numerous gratuitous descriptions of bloody violent altercations, cannibalism, and other socially questionable behavior. So, I guess you could consider this a final warning. Don't read this story if disgusting things offend you. I'm not smart enough to write a zombie tale that doesn't include gross subject matter, and if I were I doubt I'd bother to do so. Zombies are gross things and they do gross things.

It's getting difficult to find the right keys to press through the torrential downpour of heartfelt tears of regret, sorrow, and shame. So I shall wrap up this introductory ramble with a sincere hope that no one reads this that is easily nauseated by zombies and their tendency to act out in antisocial ways, is a strict grammarian, or predisposed to animal cruelty.



Josey couldn't stop yawning.

It was still half an hour before dawn as he pulled his truck off Interstate 40 and headed north. Spitting out an old heavily chewed piece of nicotine gum, he yawned again and glanced at his cup of steaming coffee. The gum was better than nothing. But he looked with longing at the glove box (where his pack of Winstonís was stowed) as he drove on in the early predawn darkness. Just gotta make it until noon, then I can have a real cigarette followed by some serious sleep, he thought as near exhaustion took its toll.

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Genre:Living Dead
Type:Long story
Rating:9.07 / 10
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