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Toy Story Of The Dead
(© Dorian Stanley)

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White. The walls and floor and ceiling were stark white. The sharp fluorescent lights overhead helped to bleach out any color that could be found. The buzzing of the lights drowned out all other background noise which adds to the feeling of calm lifelessness in the maze of corridors.

The odd calm was torn apart as a klaxon suddenly sounded loudly throughout the industrial complex. White-coated technicians suddenly scurried to and fro like the rats they used in their varied and random experiments. Whether any of them grasped the irony or not didn’t matter any more – or at least they wouldn’t for much longer.

Two technicians in particular seemed extremely panicked as they hurried down the hall with a steeled determination. The swish of their disposable cloth shoes was the only sound they made as they hurried down the hall at a near run. Several of the random people standing around in the hall watched the two lab coat wearing streaks with various degrees of fear and apprehension. Most of the hall’s inhabitants simply stared at the red bands that they wore around their forearms. They all knew that the "butcher boys," as they were called by the other staff of the building, would NEVER leave their dungeon –like sublevels. To see TWO at the same time in such a panic was not a good sign.

As they rushed past, the people left in their wake began to panic even more. Whispers of apprehension spread as they went farther down the hall.  The other techs began speaking of hushed rumors about government experiments and dark practices performed by near-crazed scientists treading where none should dare.

It was then that the screaming began...

Chapter 1

A warm, summer breeze blew through the open window as the curtains ruffled gently to and fro. The scent of baking could be detected throughout the spacious, two-story home. Excitement filled the air in anticipation of the celebration to come. Today was Andy’s fourteenth birthday!

Colorful streamers and balloons were hung from doorframes and ceilings in every room downstairs. Even the mailbox was decorated with three bright red balloons and a small, hand-written sign declaring the reason for all of the flair and to guide Andy’s friends from school to his home. Sid, Andy’s former neighbor and reformed toy torturer, was already there along with his sister, Hannah. He and Andy had become good friends after Sid had learned the "error of his ways." The boys had become inseparable and, in turn, their sisters done so as well.

It was no surprise the toys themselves were showing such happy agitation. Today, they prepared to welcome the new toys that inevitably came from such a joyous occasion. Buzz and Woody were already prepping the standard recon team of plastic army men who would provide details of the party for which they were excitedly waiting. The other toys were collecting in Andy’s room to gather around a walkie-talkie in anticipation of the day’s festivities.

As the miniature RECON team made its way to the potted plant hiding place located in the formal dining room, Woody began going over his checklist once again. His pencil would make quick marks on the paper as he made annotation besides names or added memos to himself regarding incomplete or unstarted tasks.

"Alright, everyone get over here for roll call!" He said as he checked his clipboard once again. The wide range of toys, some from Andy’s sister’s room, bumped and jostled to get into position.  Each arranged themselves by order of height and the ability to see/hear Woody speak. Sitting next to Woody on the quickly erected dais was Buzz Lightyear, Defender of the Galaxy™, and Woody’s newest friend, Jessie the Yodeling Cowgirl.

Woody began the meeting with the usual roll call. Andy was now twelve and his taste in toys had changed to include some toys that Woody neither liked nor trusted. They reminded him too much of the toys he met at Sid’s house – each contained an element of dark or angry feelings that no self-respecting CHILD’s toy would have. He kept his opinion to himself though as he knew that Andy was growing up as little boys tend to do. He knew that toys changed as children grew up but he didn’t have to like it.

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