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Toy Story Of The Dead
(© Dorian Stanley)

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"Rex!" cried Woody, starting the meeting with the usual pomp and circumstance that he required.

"Here!" shouted the neurotic plastic dinosaur waiving his diminutive hand.

"Hamm!" Woody said.

"Yo!" shouted the hard-to-miss, pink pig.

"As if you could miss him..." snickered his friend, and recent transfer to Molly’s small toy collection, Mr. Potato Head.

"Come on people, let’s focus on the meeting!" yelled Woody over the ensuing laughter.

"Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head..." he called.

Both replied "Here" at the same time.

"Slink..." was the next name called. He followed with each toy on the list down to newest arrivals which most of the older toys tried their best to avoid.

"Magni Bronzebeard..." he called with only the slightest hint of distaste in his voice.

"Aye, ya twiggy lil’ git!" cried the 7" action figure in a syrupy, Scottish accent.

"Amber Lash..." was the next name called on the list. At this name, most of the male toys shuffled uncomfortably.

"Right here, sugar..." came the sultry voice that dripped with seductive innuendo.  Everyone jumped when a loud slap echoed through the room and she slowly moved her hand from her shapely posterior.

Another moment of uncomfortable silence passed before Woody looked back to his clipboard and called the final name.

"V...  V...  Has anyone seen V?" Woody called with growing irritation because roll call was taking so long.

Everyone looked around for the elusive figure.

From the doorway to Andy’s room came the response: "Verily! This villainous vaudevillian verifies with vivacity the vector of his viscera." V responded as he swaggered into the group as his black cape swirled behind him. He bowed to Woody while holding the brim of his hat in a courteous manner.

Bo Peep swooned slightly while Jessie admired the 12" tall figure like a wolf sizes up a deer. Even the very adult oriented figure, Amber Lash, blushed slightly at the newest figure to their group.

"O... K..." stated Woody who thought that the bravado was highly unnecessary and over done. "Now that we are all here, we can begin."

Sergeant Green sat in the loose dirt of the flower pot located in the foyer which gave a clear view of both the entrance to the house and the dining room located immediately off of the right side of the room. His spotters were stationed in strategic locations throughout the two rooms awaiting the arrival of the guests for Andy’s party as well as keeping track of Andy, Sid, Molly, and Hannah. Knowing that the four children were playing in the back yard gave the other toys some room to breathe. As the consummate professional that he was, Sarge was happy to be the first line of protection for the other toys. He and his men would serve proudly in whatever capacity that they could.

Using his binoculars, Sarge peered around his field of view to ensure that nothing was amiss. He pressed the transmit switch on the walkie-talkie taken from Andy’s room and logged his report. The brief ‘beep’ made when he did caused Sarge to pause briefly. He wished that he could get his hands on ‘real’ equipment instead of the ‘civilian’ variety but knew that he would make do with what he was given.

"Eagle Eye to Command.... Eagle Eye to Command...." he stated in true military fashion. "Reporting in, sir!"

A hush fell over the room as Woody returned the call by responding, "Ummm... This is Command. Go ahead."

"Sir, we are at T-minus one hour and counting for operation Let’s Party. No early guests have arrived as expected.  Eagle one is still located at the foot of the stairs. Tensions are high but everyone is operating at peak levels and signal is 5 x 5 to all spotters."

Woody rolled his eyes at the response strewn liberally with jargon seen on every war movie made since 1950.

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