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"Sheís coming out of the medication, Doctor," the nurse says.

The white-coated woman Ė the doctor Ė nods. "How are you feeling?"

I try to open my mouth, and after a couple of attempts part my lips. My tongue is an unfamiliar heavy log, which doesnít want to move at first.

"Give her some water," the doctor says. The nurse nods, leans over with a dropper. Cool moisture seeps into my mouth.

"Where..." I manage. "Where am I?"

"Youíre in hospital, of course," the doctor says. "Canít you remember, Monica?"

"Canít remember...anything." My tongue is moving more freely now, but I canít recognise my voice. Itís not just because of the hoarse whisper that crawls up my throat. It is not my voice. I know that much. "What...happened?"

"Your car was in an accident." The doctor looks at a clipboard sheís carrying and back at me. "It was pretty bad, your body was just about broken into pieces. You donít recall anything at all about it?"

"No." How can I explain that I donít even know if I am this Monica person? "Did Ė did you save me?"

"In a manner of speaking." The doctorís air gets suddenly brisk, businesslike. "Youíre to try and rest now. Iíll be back later." She looks at something out of my field of vision, writes on the clipboard, and leaves. The nurse goes with her.

I lie on my back and stare at the ceiling, trying to remember something, anything. The pain in my head washes back and forth in slow waves, but not so badly that I canít bear it. The rest of my body has no pain at all. This is strange, if Iíve been so badly hurt that everything was broken.

Or maybe Iím paralysed, and thatís why it doesnít hurt. The possibility is terrifying. I try to move my fingers, my toes. I canít feel anything at all.

Iíd better think about something else.

Monica. I think about that for a bit. Who is this Monica? If Iím she, then what do I have to rediscover about her Ė about myself? Who am I?

If I canít remember anything about me, ever, what will I do?

I hear a sound of a door opening. People come into my field of vision, several of them. The woman doctor is one of them, and another one in a white coat, a thick-faced man with glasses and a moustache.

"I hear youíre awake and able to talk a little," the man with the glasses says. I recognise the voice Ė itís the one whoíd been speaking the first time, when Iíd been in such pain. "Youíve been through a lot, so donít panic if things seem hard at first. Itís going to take time."

"Who am I?" I ask. Itís not what I meant to ask, but the question pops out.

The two doctors exchange quick glances. "Donít you know?" the woman asks.

I try to shake my head. Give up when I start feeling nauseous as soon as I try. "Youíve been calling me Monica. Thatís all."

"Well, yes," the woman says. She looks slightly nonplussed. "Youíre Monica Singh. I thought youíd remember that much Ė"

"Itís the medication," the male doctor breaks in. He smiles at me, a tight-lipped twitch of the mouth which is not reassuring at all. "Give it time."

The woman doctor bends down at the foot of the bed. I see a flash of white sheet.

"Can you feel this?" she says.

I have no idea what Iím supposed to feel. "Yes," I lie.

"How about this?" I think sheís doing something to my feet, assuming I still have feet.

"Yes," I lie again. "Faintly." Actually, I think I can feel something now, like a line drawn down the sole of one foot, but itís like feeling it from a light year away. The doctor gets her clipboard and begins scribbling.

"Can you move your arms and legs?" a third person in white interrupts, craning over the shoulders of the others. "Can you lift your head?"

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