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The Chronicles of Chheechkaduni (Continued)
(© Biswapriya Purkayastha)

This contribution is part of a series:-
1. The Chronicles of Chheechkaduni (15-Aug-2014)
In the far distant future, when the seas have dried up and the rivers are gone, the renegade lord Onek Mangsho and his wives flee being turned into meat to feed the people.
2. The Chronicles of Chheechkaduni (Continued) (30-Jul-2015)
Three new tales of danger as Onek Mangsho, Opodartho and Chheechkaduni make their way through the world of the far distant future.

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Roktakto Rakkhoshi,

My darling,

Itís been so long since I was last with you, since I lay in your arms and felt your sweet kisses, that I feel as though Iím stranded in the desert every day with not a drop to drink. And I am sure, my love, that this is exactly how you feel too.

Oh, how I yearn to be with you! But donít worry, as soon as the current quest I am on is done, I will be flying to you as fast as I can come, and then we will never be apart again, not as long as the Cannibal Spirit gives us years to live.

"Quest?" I hear you ask. "Did my Bhishon Boka, who never uses fancy words, just write Ďquestí?" Just bear a moment with me, my dear, and youíll know what I mean.

You may or may not have heard of one Onek Mangsho, a hated and reviled traitor who lived long, long ago. The details are not important, but this Onek Mangsho is suspected to have had laid his hands on a considerable treasure, details of which may be found in the writings left behind by one of his wives, Chheechkaduni. By my fatherís orders, Iíve been looking high and low for more of her parchments. Itís been a long and gruelling search, and in the course of it Iíve had a lot of time to think.

It wonít be unknown to you that my father is pressing me to marry his deplorable niece, my cousin Lokloke Jeebh. Iíd rather be eaten alive than do any such thing, of course, but the state of both your and my finances make it impossible for us to wed at this time. If, however, we can get our hands on that traitorís treasure, we can leave everything behind us and make a life together, far away and with no worries for the future.

As to my father, he is more than rich enough, and his desire for the treasure is fuelled by plain and simple greed, nothing more.

Yesterday, after a long search, I came to a tavern in a dirty little town by the name of Kochchoper Kholosh, where caravans stop to trade goods among themselves. There, I had been told, was a man who might have what I was looking for, and be persuaded to give it up for a bag of coins. So I made arrangements, and when I entered the tavern, there was a villainous looking individual with a cloth tied round his forehead and a dirty cloak, waiting for me.

He was, unfortunately, though illiterate, quite aware of the fact that the bundle of parchment he was carrying Ė as it turned out Ė inside the cloth tied round and round his head was valuable. Otherwise I might have had it for much cheaper than I did. Ultimately, after a great deal of haggling in a shadowed corner, and over many mugs of cheap blood-wine, we came to an arrangement. I got the bundle, he took his money, and we both went our separate ways, as quickly as we could, for fear of bandits.

Now you, my dear, with your ready intelligence, will already have understood my plan. I will continue my search for the writings of this Chheechkadunni, who, going by what I have read earlier of her accounts of her travels, was a vile harridan, truly an appropriate helpmeet for her traitorous husband. While my fatherís money will finance this search, I will, of course, send anything I find to you, so that you may read them over at leisure and seek clues as to the whereabouts of this treasure. Once we know where it is, we only have to unearth it and we can go away together, for a lifetime of bliss.

But please make sure to maintain complete secrecy, because I have heard that the High Monk of the Grand Assembly, among others, is also interested in this search.

Yours forever, with many kisses,

Bhishon Boka.

"Still nothing," my Lord said, looking out of the window.

"Nothing?" I repeated. From where I stood I could barely see the walls of the monastery of Thoger Tandob rising on the other side of the darkened marketplace. "My Lord, perhaps we should give up this idea and move on from here."

"Chheechkaduni," Onek Mangsho said, "we canít afford to move on without doing this. Even just paying this innís fare would almost exhaust the coins we have left. We have to find a way to get in there and get our hands on that treasure."

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Genre:General Horror
Type:Long story
Rating:8.6 / 10
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