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Getting Out The Vote
(© Robert Denham)

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She screeched in terror, as did the others.

Dozens upon dozens of them, perhaps hundreds—who knew how many ancient corpses filled the graves—were staggering directly toward the polling station; the group stared out of the windows, watching in wonder and quivering fear, as cars stopped and pedestrians fled before the malodorous crowd.

Then, they were there. The undead thumped against the outside of the building, searching, dead hands trying to find a way in. Suddenly, to their horror, the poll workers heard the door creak open. In their fright, they had forgotten to lock it!

The undead staggered in, and the group stood watching them in abject terror. They stood, many of them with eyes tightly closed, mumbling prayers, and waiting for whatever fate this frightful event had in store. Rebecca Morris was one of these.

The bright room was almost instantly suffused with the sour smell of mildew and rot. The stiff shuffle of their feet was unnerving!

Then, after perhaps thirty seconds, she heard Joe Peterson, his voice an awed whisper, mumble "What in the name of God?"

She cautiously opened one eye, then the other. The corpses had stumbled right past the workers to the voting machines, and were lining up.

"What are they doing?" She asked, her voice a high-pitched, confused whine.

"Oh, my God…." Joe said, his voice an incredulous sigh, peering at the machine’s readout screens; "…they’re voting…all of them…they’re voting….DEMOCRAT!"

And as she beheld the first corpse to finish, its dry-rotted, stinking burial garb—perhaps early 1900s-styled, pasted with dozens of faded, wrinkled "I Voted" stickers and campaign buttons, all Democrats, naturally, dating to Woodrow Wilson, the latest trumpeting "Obama: Change we can believe in"--she trembled as it stumbled past her and snatched up yet another sticker, slapping it on with the others. It quietly headed for the door, its work done.

Until next time.

And Rebecca screamed and screamed again; she screamed until she was mad. In her madness, she would never be permitted to forget the voters of…

Election Day of the Living Dead!!


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Genre:Living Dead
Type:Short story
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