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The Puppeteer
(© Shelly Bennett)

Page 2

CAPTAIN JOHN BURROWS, early fifties, pokes his head out of his office.


Stryker. My office.

While making his way to Burrowís office, Stryker walks by DETECTIVE RYDER, who is in his mid-thirties and smarmy. They exchange unpleasant glances.

Ryder smiles to the ROOKIE, JOHNSON, mid-twenties and clean-cut, sitting next to him. No sooner than Stryker walks by, Ryder decides to pick a fight.


Hey, Stryker.

Stryker stops in his tracks.


Maybe the Captain will finally get around to firing your sorry ass.


Captain said to leave him alone.


(to Rookie)

What? You gonna tell on me. Besides, why would I want to do that?


Heís a good detective.


Hey Stryker, Rookie here thinks youíre a good detective. Should you burst his bubble? Or should I?

Still standing there, Stryker drops his head.

Ryder picks up a photograph of him and another OFFICER, DAVID, standing in uniform and with their arms around each other. He briefly, but longingly, looks at the photograph before handing it to the Rookie.


Thatís me with my brother David.

(slight beat)

Do you remember the Jonathan Alley case? The papers dubbed him ďThe Back Alley StranglerĒ.

Rookie nods but Ryder is too preoccupied to notice.


It was about six months ago, before you were hired. Stryker and David were heading up the case.

(slight beat)

They got a tip that the suspect was seen hiding in an abandoned building downtown. David ran into the building. He was shot and thrown out of the third story while Stryker was nowhere to be found.† We ended up catching him later that day. But, David was already dead.

Stryker walks back to Ryderís desk and bends down so close, they are seeing eye-to-eye.


Why donít you say that to my face.

There is a HUSH throughout the whole precinct.

Ryder stands, allowing his chair to fall over with a LOUD CRASH for effect. Rookie jumps up and squeezes between them, trying to prevent a fight.


Hey man. You donít want to do this.


And how the hell do you know what I want?

Rookie tries his best to stay between both men, but Ryder manages to get a handful of Strykerís jacket.


You want to settle this? Come on, Stryker; letís settle this now.

Expecting an attack, Stryker squares off to Ryder.

Burrows shows up just in time to stop the fight.


Knock it off you two. Stryker, I thought I told you to come to my office.

(looks at Ryder)

Iíll deal with you later.

Burrows heads back to his office.

Stryker tosses Ryderís hand away. Rookie grabs Ryder by the shoulder and manages to back him up a few steps.


You need to calm down.


(to Rookie)

Donít tell me to calm down.

(to Stryker)

David is dead because of you.

Once Ryder frees himself from the Rookies hold, he angrily picks up his chair and sits down with a BANG.

Now that the show is over, the office resumes its daily activities.

Now that everything is calm, Stryker follows Burrows into his office.

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