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What If Roger Survived: Alternate ending to 'Dawn'
(© Bryan Way)

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I assume that if you are reading this, you saw Dawn of the Dead. If you haven't you won't understand. Anyway, we all know that Roger DeMarco (Scott Reiniger) turned into a zombie in the middle of Dawn of the Dead. My story explores a possible end to the story (following the movie's guidelines), considering that Roger had survived.

ROGER: My bag! I left my goddamn bag in the other truck!

PETER: Listen to me man; you better screw your head on. Now you're not just playing with your life, you're playing with mine! Now, are you straight?

He nods. Peter turns the truck around and heads back to the mall entrance. Roger is staring blankly into the distance. He thinks to himself, what am I doing? I need to get off my high horse and consider the situation. I could have been killed back there if it wasn't for Peter. I owe it to him and everybody else to concentrate more than ever.

PETER: Hey, man! You awake?

ROGER: Uh… yeah.

PETER: Be careful, there are a lot of zombies out there.

Roger tries to open the door but is cut off by Zombies. He climbs out through the window into the other truck. Leaving his legs dangling, he grabs his bag. Peter notices a Zombie approaching him. It reaches up, grabs Roger's leg, and… BANG! Roger pulls himself out to see a Zombie corpse on the ground, brains leaking out of a bullet hole. Another Zombie grabs his arm and attempts to bite him, but he slugs it in the face and breaks its nose.

PETER: That's it man. We're done!

ROGER: Peter, thanks a lot man, I kind of lost my senses back there.

PETER: It's all right man. It happens to everyone at some point.

Cut to inside the building. Stephen and Fran are anxiously awaiting their return. Suddenly the door opens. Stephen quickly turns to face it and equips his rifle. He drops the gun as Peter and Roger enter.

FRAN: Oh Roger! Are you okay? I was watching from the roof.

ROGER: Huh? Oh… yeah. I'm fine, thanks to Peter.

PETER: Everything's in place now. We can start cleaning the mall as soon as possible.

STEPHEN: What are we going to do about the doors? They can still open them.

PETER: It all depend on how many of them are still inside. That's a long haul between those entrances.

STEVE: Well, if we can get some more flares… or maybe some of them propane jobs.

PETER: The guns are first. Guns and ammunition.

Cut to the sporting goods store. Roger and Peter drop down from the ceiling. Roger walks over to the counter and looks at all the weapons. He sticks out his pointer finger and runs it along the glass.


PETER: What?

ROGER: It's a .45 Caliber Browning HP. Last time I fired one of those was in 'Nam.

PETER: You were in 'Nam?

ROGER: Why do you think I joined the force?

Peter smirks and looks at the guns. The two of them begin loading up when Peter sees a large, scoped hunting rifle. He sights with it and pumps a cartridge into the stock.

PETER: Ain't it a crime.

ROGER: What?

PETER: The only person who could miss with this gun is the sucker with the bread to buy it.

ROGER: Or Flyboy.

Roger and Peter laugh heartily. They grab weapons and fill holsters and belts with weapons and ammunition. They exit through the roof whistling 'Whistle while you work.' Cut to the maintenance hallway. The quartet come rushing out of the doors, each with ample handguns and rifles strapped to their backs. As they run by Zombies near the balcony, Roger pushes them aside. They arrive at the department store and Stephen tries to unlock the door. A Zombie challenges Peter and he blows it's brains out with his new gun. Several more Zombies approach them. Roger pulls out two six shooters like in an old western movie. He aims his guns in either directions. Four shots, four kills. He spins the guns on his fingers and re-holsters them. Finally Stephen gets the door open and they run into the store. They run down the escalators and divide at the ground floor. Stephen grabs two propane torches and lights them with a disposable lighter. The four run to the main door and open it up.

PETER: Alright, here we go.

FRAN: You'll never make all four!

PETER: There's no way we're backing out now.

FRAN: The car!

PETER: What?

FRAN: The display car!

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